"The place you have the most effective chance of changing your happiness level is in your own mind...

…You can choose happiness: flow toward your goals, practice positivity, and prioritize people.” – Scott Crabtree

About Happy Brain Science

Our mission at Happy Brain Science is to foster productivity, creativity and happiness through the application of cutting-edge brain science.

We are passionate about the science of happy, productive brains.

Happier employees and leaders are more effective, engaged, resilient, creative, social, and productive – all crucial factors in organizational success. We are passionate about collaborating with innovative companies who want to be on the forefront of leveraging science to do better work, whether they are brand new start-ups or established leaders in their industry.

This is an incredibly exciting time for innovative companies who want to level up their game. In recent decades, Ph.D. researchers have been doing peer-reviewed studies of happiness and optimal brain function at universities including Harvard, University of California, and many others.

Scientific breakthroughs and paradigm-shifts in neuroscience and positive psychology have delivered insights into the human brain that can and should inform the way we build organizations today.

For more about the scientists and their work, please see the recommended reading list.

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