About the science of happy, productive brains

It’s about solid science more than it’s about Scott Crabtree and his team. In recent decades Ph.D. researchers have been doing peer-reviewed studies of happiness and optimal brain function at universities including Harvard, University of California, and many others. For more about the scientists and their work, please see the recommended reading list.

Scott Crabtree, Chief Happiness Officer

Scott Crabtree is a passionate student and teacher of neuroscience, psychology, and the science of happiness. He is empowering individuals and organizations to apply findings from cutting-edge brain science to boost productivity and happiness at work. Scott’s audiences range from intimate groups of five CEOs to groups of thousands at conferences. Recent clients include Microsoft, Bose, Blizzard Entertainment, and the United Way. He often follows up large group workshops with individual coaching.

Scott previously served as a leader in game development and software engineering. He’s founded startups and worked at a variety of technology companies large and small. He resigned his position at Intel in early 2012 to pursue his passion full time: helping people apply science to be happier and more successful.

Scott holds a B.A. in Cognitive Science from Vassar College.

When he is not immersed in scientific data, he loves spending time with his wife, two young daughters, and mutt, especially in nature, and also enjoys playing with his band. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

Katherine Cooper, Director of Happiness Development

Katherine’s professional experience spans the fields of software sales, program management, and academics.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology/Anthropology from Lewis and Clark College and a Master of Science in Public Administration from the University of Oregon, during the course of which she also spent six months studying business management and organizational theory at Copenhagen Business School. Her Positive Psychology Coach training was completed in 2012. Before joining the Happy Brain Science team, she held an adjunct professor position in Human Development.

As a coach, Katherine works hard to help organizations and individuals apply the latest research in the field of Positive Psychology, so they can be happy, effective, and purposeful at the same time.

In her free time, Katherine enjoys running and yoga, heading out into nature, and spending time with her husband and two children. She lives in Portland, Oregon.