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A revolutionary game that builds thriving teams.

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Life's Too Short To Be Miserable At Work

Managing unhappy people is exhausting. Office politics kills productivity. You and your team deserve better.

Stress Less and Build A Thriving Team

Work better together

Avoid persistent "people problems" with a fun, science-based tool to help your team communicate and connect.

Play your way to productivity

Research shows that happier brains are 12-25% more productive.

Impress your team

Ditch the egg toss or spaghetti tower. Make your next off-site meeting or brainstorming session a total hit.

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Thrive From 9-5

Everyone can be happier at work. Science says so.

Our game is 100% grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience
100’s of happier corporations
10,000+ happier, healthier people

I was skeptical, but after just a few minutes we were talking and laughing—and yes, tears were shed. I’d recommend this tool to anyone who wants a happier team."

Liz Dahlager, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Just 3 Steps To A Happier Team

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Get started in just 5 minutes. Each game takes just 5 minutes too!

Get Your Team Talking

With cutting-edge strategies to resolve problems and relieve stress.

Love Work Again

Enjoy more high-fives and heck yeah’s from happy colleagues.

Easy To Play and Works For Any Business

A powerful happiness-boosting tool based on cutting-edge brain science.

  • Revitalize relationships
  • Flow to Goals
  • Subdue Stress
  • Practice Positivity

Think corporate facilitator meets life coach, in a box.

"Choose Happiness @ Work was a resounding success. In fact, if our group's laughter disturbed any of our office members, I apologize – but my team really had fun. The game served as a great team building exercise, as well as an opportunity to touch on some of the 'soft responsibilities' that relate to solving problems at work."

David Yokom, M.Sc, P.Eng
Queens University

What's My Investment?

How much is an unhappy workplace costing you? How many hours do you waste managing interpersonal problems? How many of your team-building efforts fall flat — in spite of all your hard work?

What’s Included In
Choose Happiness @ Work?

  • 50+ common workplace scenarios
  • 100+ unique science-based solutions
  • Detailed instructions on how to play and maximize engagement
  • Each box serves up to 10 players (bulk discounts available for larger groups)
  • 19 additional game variations (ideal for team building, brainstorming and more!)

As a bonus, you’ll also get:

  • 7 facilitation strategies and a facilitator’s guide
  • Exclusive access to online resources and a database of scientific sources

$195 Now $99!

"We used Choose Happiness @ Work at our training last week and it went great! The managers were a little unsure at first, but as the game rolled on there was so much laughing and discussing going on, it was awesome! The participants didn't want to stop playing, and since then we have loaned out our copies to some of our departments to play with other teams."

Ian Wiggins, MA HRM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP & Senior Human Resources Generalist Wauna Credit Union

What Makes This Game So Different?

Choose Happiness @ Work is revolutionary because it’s the only game designed to boost happiness at work that’s 100% grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience. It’s a fun, effective tool that’s proven to build happy, thriving teams.

We spend more time with work colleagues than anyone else in our lives. Shouldn’t you and your team enjoy your time together? We think so.

We’ve worked in unhappy offices too. And we know how exhausting it is to deal with difficult people—along with Everything Else on your plate.

The good news is this: everyone has the potential to be happier at work. Even you-know-who.

We’ve spent the last 30 years studying the science of happiness. We’re total happiness geeks. Lucky for you, we’ve distilled all that peer-reviewed brain science into a powerful little game that’ll give your team a booster-shot of happiness.

Imagine being the leader who finally gets your team talking and thriving together.

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