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We are continually discovering resources for happiness at work and hands-on strategies to increase productivity, creativity and engagement.

BEST POSSIBLE FUTURE 300 - FIXEDBest Possible Future:
Increase Optimism and Productivity

Science tells us that a positive attitude and optimism really work to make you happier and therefore more productive. Try writing down your best possible future. Whether it comes true or not, writing down your best possible future will make you happier.

Pecha Kucha:PECHA KUCHA 300
A Strategy to Build Trust

A Pecha Kucha presentation is one of the best ways we know how to build team trust quickly, by allowing members of a team to connect over who they are as individuals. Making your own Pecha Kucha is easy:

Pecha Kucha Template and Instructions

Trust Me: “Pecha Kuchas” Build Trust– via the Happy Brain Science Blog

TRACK YOUR WORK 300 - FIXEDTrack Your Work:
Discover Your Strengths

To increase your knowledge of your own strengths beyond those you already know, and to notice patterns in your energy levels and disposition, try tracking your strongest and weakest work over one month. To do this task, take a moment to pause periodically throughout your day and ask yourself “How do I feel after each task I’ve completed? Am I energized and engaged? Or am I bored or frustrated?

Strengths Spotter Cards:STRENGTH SPOTTER 300
Truly Tap Strengths

Use the Strengths Spotter Cards to spot strengths in others. Spotting strengths in others encourages them to use their strengths and to do their best work. It helps others feel recognized and appreciated. Try asking someone what’s going well and observing their energy level as they talk. Identify a key strength they seem to have and comment on it by filling out and giving them a Strengths Spotters card.

I DID IT LIST 300 - FIXED“I Did It!” List:
Celebrate Progress Towards Goals

Science has found that celebrating the progress made towards goals has a significant impact on happiness and quality inner-work life. Instead of writing your priorities and crossing them off as you go, an I Did It! List allows you to look back and celebrate all that you have already accomplished.

Appreciate! Cards:APPRECIATE CARDS 400
Boost Engagement & Relationships

Use these cards to appreciate a colleague. Appreciation builds relationships and boosts happiness in the workplace.

To maximize the impact of your appreciation, include: the Specific Behavior or action the person took, the Primary Feelings it gave you, and the Impact the behavior had on you, your team or your organization as a whole.

Hack Your Next Workshop:HACK YOUR NEXT WORKSHOP 300
32 Science-Based Tips

At some point in our careers, most of us have to deliver a presentation. Whether you are introducing a new company policy, showing the progress on your latest project, or convincing someone of your qualifications for a position, you can draw upon brain science to boost your impact.

The Science of Happiness:HAPPINESS POSTER 300
6 Strategies

This informative poster, created by Scott Crabtree, summarizes the science of happiness into 6 actionable tips that you can begin applying today: Hack Your Commute, Start with Gratitude, Pose Like a Super Hero, Visualize Progress, Be Kind, Build Relationships

Workplace Products

Our products - all grounded in solid science and research - are designed to help organizations increase success and happiness.

Choose Happiness at Work: Play Your Way to a Thriving Team!

Live Event Package Image

Tap into your team’s creativity and strengths, foster a company culture of innovation and collaboration, and clear out obstacles that have been in the way of delivering your best work with Choose Happiness at Work. Choose Happiness at Work is a card game that gets your team talking, laughing, and solving real-world workplace problems. In the process, you’ll learn strategies to use again and again.


Online Course: Thrive from 9-5: The Science of Happiness @ Work

In Thrive from 9 – 5: The Science of Happiness @ Work, Happy Brain Science teaches why and how you can apply research and data to increase your productivity, happiness and success at work and in life.

This course will provide you with answers to how you can be more productive at work, so that you can spend more time in your life on the other things that matter to you.