"It definitely can make a difference. if more people thought about this information and really applied it..

…we’d all be happier in our work life.”


Our products - all grounded in solid science and research - are designed to help organizations increase success. Each product helps you and your team to apply findings from neuroscience and positive psychology to boost happiness, productivity and creativity in the workplace.
We offer two products that bring our insights, tools, and systems to your organization:

Thrive from 9-5 Online Course

Learn how to apply research and data to increase productivity, happiness and success at work in this interactive online course.

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Choose Happiness @ Work

Play your way to thriving at work with this card game that gets teams talking, laughing and solving real-world workplace problems.

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What else can we create to help you to be happier and more productive at work? We’d be thrilled to hear from you!

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