"Kim is an incredible and inspiring coach! I’ve been working with her for the past year and have achieved more than I thought possible as I transitioned to a new company and new role."

Ayla Lewis, Program Manager of Technical Enablement, Google Cloud

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Coaching is an investment in yourself, and an accelerator of your own success. We will help you achieve your current goals, and also empower you to continue succeeding in the long run.


Our job as coaches is to help you better define and reach your goals. Ample scientific evidence suggests that happiness at work leads to more creativity, engagement, and productivity. It improves working relationships and even personal relationships and health – all factors that in turn contribute to more success at work. Therefore, we specialize in helping people find more happiness, engagement, and success at work.

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The process begins by defining goals that set you up for success. We will draw upon the latest research to get your goals beyond SMART, and to ensure they are meaningful and motivating to you. From there, we will create a coaching program that is tailored to your individual situation and desired outcomes.

Coaching typically consists of two sessions per month, lasting about one hour each. Both frequency and duration of sessions can be customized to best suit your needs. Depending on your location and preferences, we can meet in person, or over the phone or video conferencing.

Additional support may happen in between sessions in the form of instant message, email, phone or video conversations. For example, we might send you an article for your consideration, or you might ask us a question about the action items we defined together in your last session.


The goals for coaching are entirely yours, customized for each coaching client. Some of the challenges Happy Brain Science has helped clients tackle in the past include:

  • Coping with major changes and transitions
  • Setting clear work-related goals that are important to you
  • Identifying and overcoming the obstacles on the way toward those goals
  • Shifting perspective on your work and career, or exploring new career options
  • Improving working relationships and teamwork
  • Increasing your productivity and creativity at work
  • Defining your personal criteria for happiness and success
  • Discovering and leveraging your strengths

Meet Your Coaches

Kim Menig

I’ve supported others’ development as a supervisor for 15+ years, and I’m thrilled to offer leadership coaching through Happy Brain Science. Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence, find a more sustainable work-life balance, tackle a big challenge, or navigate a major transition, coaching can be a powerful tool for growth and discovery.

As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I help people make progress toward their own goals in a way that’s ethical, collaborative, and confidential. In the words of recent clients:


      • She made me feel calm and successful within the scope of my work, which has enabled me to support many of our organization’s teams. Stefan P., Executive Director
      • “I feel 10 times better after talking with her; she offers me opportunities for great clarity and brings out my confidence to face whatever challenge is in front of me.” Cathy N., Head of School
      • “I was interested in how to be a better boss, and how to actualize my vision for our agency. The work I have done with Kim has resulted in significant positive shifts.” Liz P., Program Manager
      • “My coaching experience with Kim was wonderful! I walked away with some great tools to help me grow as I move forward in my career.” Sierra M., Manager

I’d love to partner together to help you fulfill your vision for work and life.


Scott Crabtree

My approach is deeply informed by the latest neuroscience, psychology and science of happiness. My own hands-on experience gained over more than two decades of leadership spanning from tech startups to large corporations is enhanced by formal coach education and continued study of cutting-edge scientific research.

I’ve made the transition from employee to entrepreneur, from individual contributor to manager, and from manager to strategist and senior leader. If you are facing a challenging transition, or are considering one in pursuit of more success and happiness at work, I am eager to support and guide you in the process.

As a coach, I have helped senior corporate leaders, mid-level managers, non-profit leaders, and independent game developers be more effective, and to achieve better results sooner.

“My work with Scott was a catalyst for personal organization / prioritization, a new resume, more clarity in my personal vision…His astute observations helped me find and take critical next steps.” Kate Chase, MBA, LMP


You can read more about Kim & Scott on our About page.

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