Thrive from 9-5: The Science of Happiness @ Work Online Course


In Thrive from 9 – 5: The Science of Happiness @ Work, Happy Brain Science teaches why and how you can apply research and data to increase your productivity, happiness and success at work and in life.

This course will provide you with answers to how you can be more productive at work, so that you can spend more time in your life on the other things that matter to you.

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“This program is the perfect mix of interaction and teaching: I would recommend this course to everyone! As I learned about the science of happiness I found myself invigorated by the new knowledge, and I made goals and plans on how to implement the lessons into my everyday life. The format of writing things down and the included worksheets are great for reflecting and focusing on what YOU can do to increase your happiness.” – Grant Shonkwiler, Founder

In Thrive from 9-5, you’ll learn:

  1.  How happiness boosts productivity, creativity, and more
  2.  The what, why, and how of happiness at work
  3.  How stress impacts the brain and productivity at work
  4.  Why what sounds cheesy and corny about positive attitude really works
  5.  How and why progress towards meaningful goals is so essential
  6.  Learn key strategies for overcoming distractions at work
  7.  How to build strong relationships and trust

Thrive from 9-5 Features:

  • A Course Introduction Video with Chief Happiness Officer Scott Crabtree
  • Course Pre-Quiz and Post-Quiz
  • Interactive Workbook with Reflection Questions
  • 7 Lesson Videos with Key Learnings and Additional Resources
  • Audio-only Option with Video Transcripts
  • A Quiz to Test Your Learning after Each Lesson
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus Lesson and Video: How to Create a Happiness @ Work Action Plan
  • Increased Happiness, Productivity and Success at Work and in Life!

Thrive from 9-5 Lessons:

s---brain-and-culture - Copy
WORKING HAPPINESS: Lesson 1 focuses on the ‘why’ of happiness at work.
15 min, 22 sec

happiness-testCHOOSE HAPPINESS:
 Lesson 2 teaches the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of happiness at work.
11 min, 27 sec

0672e4f4-a363-4e6a-8266-e0b1cc6e7b6aSOOTHE STRESS: Lesson 3 identifies how stress impacts brains and productivity.
14 min, 43 sec

s---happy-teams - CopyPRACTICE POSITIVITY: Lesson 4 teaches four strategies for decreasing negativity.
15 min, 17 sec

treasure-mapFLOW TO GOALS: Lesson 5 outlines how and why progress towards meaningful goals is essential to happiness and productivity. 14 min, 37 sec

DC-Conflict-is-UsefulMINIMIZE MULTI-TASKING: Lesson 6 teaches strategies for increasing focus.
11 min, 33 sec

three-people-standing-together - CopyPRIORITIZE PEOPLE: Lesson 7 teaches research-based strategies to build relationships and increase trust in your workplace.
17 min, 44 sec

With Thrive from 9-5, you will learn how to thrive at work. Some of the world’s top corporations have invested thousands of dollars to have this training for their employees — now you can have access to this interactive and research-based program that has only been available to private clients before today.

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