Thrive From 9-5 - An online course with Happy Brain Science
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Thrive from 9-5: The Science of Happiness @ Work Online Course


In Thrive from 9 – 5: The Science of Happiness @ Work, Happy Brain Science teaches why and how you can apply research and data to increase your productivity, happiness and success at work and in life.

This course will provide you with answers to how you can be more productive at work, so that you can spend more time in your life on the other things that matter to you.

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Product Description

Learn how to thrive at work. This is the same program, using brain science and positive psychology, that Happy Brain Science has been teaching to live audiences for years.

In this online course you will have access to:

  • A Course Introduction Video with Chief Happiness Officer Scott Crabtree
  • Course Pre-Quiz and Post-Quiz
  • Interactive Workbook with Reflection Questions
  • 7 Lesson Videos with Key Learnings and Additional Resources
  • Audio-only Option with Video Transcripts
  • A Quiz to Test Your Learning after Each Lesson
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus Lesson and Video: How to Create a Happiness @ Work Action Plan
  • Increased Happiness, Productivity and Success at Work and in Life!

The lessons in Thrive from 9-5 include:

Lesson 1 focuses on the ‘why’ of happiness at work.
15 min, 22 sec

 Lesson 2 teaches the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of happiness at work.
11 min, 27 sec

 Lesson 3 identifies how stress impacts brains and productivity.
14 min, 43 sec

Lesson 4 teaches four strategies for decreasing negativity.
15 min, 17 sec

 Lesson 5 outlines how and why progress towards meaningful goals is essential to happiness and productivity. 14 min, 37 sec

 Lesson 6 teaches strategies for increasing focus.
11 min, 33 sec

Lesson 7 teaches research-based strategies to build relationships and increase trust in your workplace.
17 min, 44 sec


Some of the world’s top corporations have invested thousands of dollars to have this training for their employees — now you can have access to this interactive and research-based program that has only been available to private clients before today.

So why are we offering this course now, for only $28? 

At Happy Brain Science we have a goal to teach the science of thriving to at least one million people. We recently realized that to accomplish that goal, we would need to teach live workshops to 200 people a day, 365 days each year, for 15 years! 

To help us make more effective progress towards this goal, we have created Happy Brain Science’s first online course Thrive From 9 – 5: The Science of Happiness @ Work

This is our next step towards teaching one million people how to apply research and data to experience boosts in productivity, creativity, relationships, success and more. If you are looking to get more happiness and satisfaction from work, or from life, this online course was built for you.

If you have questions about Thrive From 9 – 5: The Science of Happiness @ Work, please reach out to our team at [email protected] or (888) 427-7908.