Brad Stevens’ Coaching Style and the Science of Thriving

Brad Stevens' Coaching Style works.

Brad Stevens’ coaching style works. As I type this, my beloved Celtics are up 2-0 against the Cleveland Caveliers in the NBA Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Virtually nobody predicted this, especially after Boston lost not one, but two of their top stars (and suffered other injuries) before the playoffs. How does Stevens do it? Can the read more…

Minimizing Micromanagement to Become a Better Leader


A leader creates clear, compelling goals with reports, and then facilitates the team’s progress without dictating how their tasks should be done; a micro-manager plans and controls all the project details and the progress of his or her team. Here are some tips on how you can transform into a leader from being a micro-manager, and how I now lead (rather than micro-manage) at Happy Brain Science:

Write a Happiness-boosting Progress Report

happiness boosting progress report

At Happy Brain Science, we try to “walk our talk” as much as possible, doing our best to apply all the science we teach and activities we recommend. If we forget, our awesome Director of Operations and Speaker Ayla Lewis reminds us; it’s part of why I love working with her so much! Like any read more…

Best Possible Futures Boost Happiness and Productivity

best possible future

Researchers have found that writing about your goals–and successfully reaching them–can help you to gain insight into your priorities and emotions, increase feelings of control, improve performance, and boost happiness. Read this article to learn how to visualize your best possible future.