How to Transform SMART Goals into SMARTEST Goals

by Guest Writer

Thanks to Vaibhav Agarwal for this guest post about how to transform SMART goals into SMARTEST goals! Vaibhav is an analytics leader who is a staunch proponent of change and adapting with it. He loves to talk to people and get inspired by others around him, loves reading, and is an amateur LinkedIn writer. Not afraid to try out new things, he loves getting bored and challenging himself! (Vaibhav originally posted this content on LinkedIn with Scott tagged—and his post was so well-received, we decided to collaborate to share it here.) 

Your goals may have evolvedhave you?

What if I tell you:

SMART goals are NOT SMART enough anymore.

I review my goals every two weeks to track progress.

The last one felt like – a humdrum!

The progress was good,

But the goal did not feel captivating.

It felt weary, it lacked direction.

It felt – ‘Meh!’

I had to change it.

It needed to be more – hypnotic, motivating!

A framework by Scott Crabtree was the answer:

It felt comforting, relatable!

My goals evolved from SMART


Transform SMART goals into SMARTEST goals

Let me break it down:

SMART is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

Add EST to them – Educational, Significant, Towards

And voilà!

I am not against SMART

Or any other framework –

But this small change

Helps me feel rejuvenated

Because through a slight tweak,

I found my goals more compelling.

Developing a SMARTEST goal

Choose your framework.

Be comfortable to question your goals.

They have to make you happy!

What goal-setting framework do you use?

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