I guide organizations and individuals to increase engagement, productivity and creativity and work. Peer-reviewed and published scientific research suggests that happier brains do better work. As one example, studies show that becoming happier boosts productivity between 12 and 25% (please see this VentureBeat article of mine for sources).

Science further suggests that happier people are significantly more sociable, energetic, insightful, healthy, resilient, and successful.

I want to help you and your organization achieve productive happiness at work, while simultaneously attracting and retaining top talent. I offer the following, all grounded in scientific data:

Speaking: How about a speaker who not only makes everyone in the audience happier, but also teaches them to sustain their happiness at work long-term and to produce better, more creative work as a result? I deliver highly interactive keynotes, presentations, and workshops that empower participants to apply cutting-edge brain science for more happiness on the job. Past clients reported more productive meetings, better work relationships, and more effective teamwork as results of my speaking engagements.

Coaching: Work with me one-on-one to make progress toward your goals, and empower your brain to do better work and find more happiness in the process.

Consulting: Bring me on board to create and implement strategies that increase employee productivity, collaboration, creativity, engagement, and happiness.

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