“I had the pleasure of attending Scott’s presentation...

… Scott does an excellent job of engaging his audience, providing specific suggestions for improving team happiness, and backing everything up with scientific data.  If you have the chance to attend one of Scott’s talks, don’t miss out!” – Steve Kwan, Project Lead, Electronic Arts

Happy Clients

Our audiences have varied from conferences of 5,000 people to an intimate group of five CEOs. We have presented for as short as one minute (literally) and led multiple-day workshops.

Whenever possible we survey the participants and ask them “How likely are you to recommend this workshop to a friend?” on a scale from zero (not at all likely) to ten (extremely likely). The average response is greater than nine.

Below is a selection of feedback we received. You can filter them to find the ones most relevant to you and your organization. Feel free to contact us for additional references and testimonials.

We’d be thrilled to inspire similar comments from your team.  Contact us to start the conversation »

Feedback & Testimonials 

Ayla gave wonderful, inspiring presentations on Employee Engagement and The Science of Happiness to the staff of Portland Juice Company. The team really enjoyed learning about happiness in the workplace, and how it relates to both productivity at work and also overall well-being. Ayla was effective, very knowledgeable, and also fun! I highly recommend Happy Brain Science workshops for companies looking to increase productivity, solve problems in the workplace, or simply foster happiness among team members. – Liv Nolan, Owner, Portland Juice Co.

IMG_0755Scott, I wanted to let you know that I have accepted the position of Vice President of Sales with InnSight. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you for your coaching sessions and let you know how much I appreciated your support and guidance. I still use it to this day (status and autonomy being HUGE) and am mindful of appreciative inquiry. The tools you gave me definitely redirected my path to one that has proven much more productive and HAPPY! Thank you, thank you! I continue to receive your e-newsletters and check the blog. Keep it up! With much gratitude, – Liz Dahlager, VP of Sales at InnSight, Happy Brain Science Coaching Client

Dean MillerScott is a fantastic presenter. He has knoweldge and rapport with audience, but most important to me, a degree of humility and self-deprecation in his presentation. Brilliant job. – Dean Miller, Hewlett-Packard Company, Portland Project Management Institute workshop attendee

I enjoyed working with Katherine; the process was very helpful. Having someone listen who wasn’t personally invested in my decisions forced me to think through things and face possible inconsistencies. This, combined with constructive objective feedback, helped me settle on a positive, productive path forward. – Tracy, Partnered Attorney

The practice of flowing positive energy gets results fast. I am personally seeing results since incorporating ideas from your workshop. Thank you for the useful information. In addition, your presentation is so fun, heartfelt, and engaging! Any person, in any position, at any organization can learn and grow from Scott’s information. we look forward to welcoming him back in the future! – Dina Newsom, Prestige Care, Inc.

Just finished a session with Ayla. It was such a great workshop! I walked away with a pep in my step, a smile on my face, and determination to incorporate many of the topics into my life (subdue stress, prioritizing people, and expressing specific gratitude). I’m so happy to now have the connection with Happy Brain Science! :) – Taryn McCauley, Rentrak

Dee WilliamsSitting down for a coaching session with Scott was like having our own personal live interactive TED talk and super fun therapy session. We walked out of the Happy Brain Science office completely jazzed, inspired and equipped with very tangible and specific things we are going to do that will help us grow our tiny house company. Thank you so much!! – Joan Grimm and Dee Williams, Portland Alternative Dwellings, LLC

Patrice AltenhofenHappy Brain Science delivered a fun and memorable workshop focused on employee happiness, and has made a significant positive difference for Family Building Blocks. We work with families facing difficult life circumstances, and our jobs can be very challenging. During the workshop, we played an actual game that was not only creative and educational, it also helped us learn new science-based ways to solve work problems. I highly recommend Happy Brain Science to any organization that could use more top notch tools to foster happiness and productivity at work. – Patrice Altenhofen, Executive Director, Family Building Blocks

Robert Mason va LinkedinI had the good fortune to attend one of Scott Crabtree’s seminars. His enthusiastic and engaging presentation prompted me to ask him to work with me as a coach. I’m so thankful I did! Scott’s guidance and ability to bring clarity to the topics we discuss has better equipped me to lead, broadened my perspective on my career, and helped me identify how best to get things done in my organization. From helping me rediscover knowledge and skills I’d forgotten I possessed, to exploring new ways to tackle challenges, our time working together has made me a much more focused and effective leader. I’m especially grateful for our talks on playing to strengths, as they have reignited my passion for developing people, and had an immediate, positive impact on how I work. No smoke and mirrors here – Scott’s counsel is packed with actionable information. If you are even slightly curious about how coaching can help you, I encourage you to reach out to Scott. His sessions are well structured, and very productive. In addition, he’s a really smart guy to work with, and truly wants to help you succeed. You won’t regret it. – Rob mason, Compliance Manager, Hachette Book Group

“Sessions were extremely helpful in giving me a different perspective on how I perceive things on a daily basis, both in my work life and personal. You were very real and knew how to get me thinking about things that I thought I already had good insight on, but really didn’t. I love how you let me work at my own pace so I could internalize what was covered. Due to your coaching I am now able to stop during certain “trigger point” times and reflect on a different way to view what is happening.” – Jennifer, Vice President of Sales

Materazzi, Marco - color“Thanks for your excellent presentation; it was a huge hit! And, on a personal level, I also very much enjoyed your program and I’m applying what I learned every day!” – Marco Materazzi, Attorney, Tonkon-Torp LLP

“I own a project based organization that is in a constant state of change. I felt like I needed some tools to help me address some of the issues I was facing at my organization that would help me become more effective and satisfied. Katherine has been working with me as a coach for several months now and she is very effective at zeroing in on the underlying cause of a particular issue by asking the tough questions and then providing recommendations and offering techniques to address the issue. Katherine has done an outstanding job of helping me reshape the way I view my company and specifically my role in the organization, which has made me feel more focused, motivated and effective.” – Coaching Client of Katherine’s 

The class was excellent – it was one of the best courses I’ve taken at Boeing (in 16 years)! – Carrie Hartman, Boeing

KFleming“Scott was great at our client event…and one of my favorite speakers I’ve worked with in advance, during the planning process. He was always professional and friendly. On site, he was proactive, knew what he needed to be successful, and brought a solution to any problem that arose.” – Krista, Owner and President of KF Events

“Outstanding. Best lecture so far at GDC! Fascinating, actionable, galvanizing, can’t ask for more!”  – Game Developers Conference attendee

“Scott Crabtree’s presentation was one of the most influential and profound ones I have ever seen. A couple weeks later, our employees shared with their colleagues the impact of the new behaviors they had implemented in their routines. More productive meetings, better workflow, and improved working relationships were expressed time and time again.” – Pete Gibson, Energy Trust of Oregon

client 1 Patrick Mcshayn“We found Scott’s presentation extremely helpful in assisting our managers and supervisors to increase their level of productivity. Since then, I have seen and heard numerous references to the material that he developed and presented.

For example, I just saw a sign on a colleague’s office reading that she was ‘in flow,’ and earlier in the day one of our General Managers indicated that he was now scheduling all his meetings during the most productive hours for his and his staff’s benefit.

These are perhaps small but particularly meaningful demonstrations that our group listened to and most importantly took away lessons that they are making part of their everyday life.” – Patrick McShane, Executive VP, InnSight Hotel Management Group

“Scott Crabtree and Laura Delizonna put together an amazing full day workshop to kick off my team’s first leadership offsite meeting. The agenda included teambuilding, strengthsfinders, and mission/vision/strategy alignment. It set our new leadership team off to a very energetic start and helped us build trust and personal relationships quickly (for some folks, it was their first time meeting F2F).

On a personal note about their professionalism: While this workshop was scheduled on short notice and after a holiday weekend, Scott and Laura did a great job of pulling the presentations together in a way that the participants had no idea that we hadn’t been preparing for months. Thanks again for the useful and energizing day!” – Kavita Vora, HR Business Partner in IT, Fortune 100 Company

client 2 Justin Thivriat“I just wanted to follow up and say thanks for a great workshop…it was fun, informative, and all around a good time chocked full of useful material.  Lots of great takeaways from those few hours and I’m eagerly trying to use what I learned that day while on the job.” ~ Justin Thavirat, major video game development company

“We were very pleased with how well Scott Crabtree’s Happy Brain Science programs were received by our members. Their individual comments included:

‘I wish I could rate Scott Crabtree a 10! His Presentation was excellent!’
‘Scott Crabtree one of the best I’ve been to–interesting, humorous, informative.’
‘Scott Crabtree was by far the most interesting. [He] gave us concrete practices to take with us. Am already using his information at work and with my staff.” ~ Nancy Moffatt, CSBA, Executive Director, Washington Association of School Business Officials

“Before the Happy Brain Science seminar, I had never been involved in a corporate training that…

a) only received positive feedback
b) has lots of positive momentum
c) truly adds value and immediately had a positive impact
d) changes the way people think about their day for the positive.

If my calendar had been more flexible that day, I would have attended a second time.” – Utah Retirement System employee

“Scott offers a science based view to managing performance that is unique. My management teams are using his insights to help improve productivity and morale for our product development organization.” – Chris Satchell, CTO and EVP of R&D, IGT

client 3 Mandy Jones“Scott Crabtree excited Oregon Community Credit Union employees with his presentation on the science of happiness:

“Best Training Day ever!”
“Amazing speaker/presenter.”
“Great connection with things I do.”

Finding a presenter who can inspire employees while giving them new tools to help them with their work and their daily lives – it just doesn’t get much better than that!“ – Mandy Jones, CEO, Oregon Community Credit Union

steve-kwan“I had the pleasure of attending Scott’s presentation at GDC Online. Scott does an excellent job of engaging his audience, providing specific suggestions for improving team happiness, and backing everything up with scientific data.  If you have the chance to attend one of Scott’s talks, don’t miss out!” – Steve Kwan, Project Lead, Electronic Arts

client 5 Rob Buccheit“Your talk was easily one of the best I attended in Austin. None of the other sessions gave me that ‘mind blown’ feeling, and it gave me an entirely new perspective regarding past teamwork experiences and what I could have done to improve them.  The walking meeting and maintaining a 3:1 positive to negative comments ratio are both amazing ideas that I plan to put into practice.” – Rob Buchheit, Producer, Designer, and Writer

“I’ve been at Intel for almost 21 years, and I can honestly say this was one of the best presentations I’ve ever sat through.  The content was interesting, actionable, thought-provoking, and well-delivered.” – Employee Communications employee, Intel Corporation

“Fantastic! We will change the way our company does reviews because of this talk.” – International Game Developers Association Leadership Forum attendee

client 6 Kate Chase“My work with Scott was a catalyst for personal organization/prioritization, a new resume, more clarity in my personal vision and the realization that I needed a LOT of help. His astute observations helped me find and take critical next steps. I am very appreciative.” – Kate Chase, MBA, LMP

“Thank you so much for your amazing presentation. I heard many people say that this was the best training they have ever had at Childswork. Your presentation helped us all to grow as individuals, as professionals and as members of a community. The combination of hard science and very personal emotion made for both a credible argument, as well as one that each of us could relate to as individuals. I am seeing lots of smiles in the hallways and people talking about little changes they have made to make their lives happier!” – Kim Hill, Executive Director, Childswork Learning Center

client 7 Richard Rassmusen“I had the opportunity to participate in your session, “Fun makes Fun” at this year’s AGDC. I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! It was hands down, the best session I have ever had the pleasure of attending at any GDC event. I found it wonderfully educational and well delivered.” – Richard J. Rasmussen, Customer Service Manager, ZeniMax Online Studios

“Helpful, actionable techniques to immediately improve presentation content and delivery.” –  Intel Software Engineering Summit attendee

“Insanely useful information. Insightful for both personal use and to use as a leader/manager.” –  IGDA summit attendee

“I would go to anything Crabtree does.  He’s a fantastic and enthusiastic speaker.” – Game Developers Conference attendee

zach“Scott helped me rediscover things I already knew about myself and the next steps in my career on some level, but was not ready to clarify and put into action. Now I am.” – Zach Bogatz, major video game development company

“Outstanding presentation! Game me and my coworkers a lot to ponder.” – PAHU Spring Forum attendee

“Everyone loved your presentation. We haven’t had that much audience participation in years!” Jill Pedersen, Columbia Benefit Solutions

“Katherine guided me through a strategic self analysis and goal setting curriculum that enabled me to choose a new career path. Her direct yet thoughtful approach helped me identify and build on my strengths and interests, and find a profession that both challenges and fulfills me. Thank you, Katherine, for encouraging me to try the unknown!” – Coaching client of Katherine’s

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session yesterday and believe it will benefit me in all aspects of my life.”  – Jerry Bumgarner, Dir., Research & Compensation Services, Cascade Employers Association

“Bring him back!“ – PAHU Spring Forum attendee

“A++++!” – Game Developers Conference attendee

“Wow. LOVED it! I learned a lot and can imagine applying the brain science knowledge not only at work but in personal relationships, too. Thank you!” – OODN workshop attendee