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Flow Flags – 5 individual packs


Flow Flags are a tool for setting aside intentional time to make more progress in your projects, tasks and goals.

We created Flow Flags to help you rewire your brain for more productivity and focus. Science and data support that increasing your ability to focus and get into flow leads to more creativity, engagement, and productivity – all factors that in turn contribute to more success at work.

With this purchase, you will receive 5 packs of Flow Flags. Each pack contains 25 self-adhesive pages (for a total of 125 individual-use flags per individual order).

As a token of our gratitude for creating a culture of productivity in your workplace, please enjoy discounts when you buy flow flags for others. See additional information below for details.

Product Description

Flow Flags


What is Flow?

Flow is that almost-magical state of mind where you become completely absorbed in something that is challenging but possible. When you are in flow you are in the ‘the zone’, you make fewer mistakes and you are more creative and productive.

How to use Flow Flags to get into ‘the zone’?

  1. Block out time during your ideal work hours and note the ending time on a Flow Flag.
  2. Stick the Flow Flag in a visible place to alert colleagues (and remind yourself) that you are focusing on an project or task.
  3. Focus on that one project or task, undistracted, until the time you have noted on the Flow Flag.

Why use Flow Flags?  

  • Creates a focused environment to get into the zone
  • Offers a visual cue to yourself, and to others, that you need focus
  • Reduces common obstacles and excuses: “no time”, “I was distracted”
  • Costs less than $0.25 a day to boost your productivity by 25% or more!
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Additional Information

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