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Empower Your Team to Be Happier & More Productive

Choose Happiness @ Work is a powerful team-building tool that comes in the form of a fun, entertaining card game. The purpose of the game is to start conversations around common workplace issues that often don’t get discussed – all in a lighthearted way that lets people laugh and feel confident sharing their personal perspectives.

Based on neuroscience and positive psychology, Choose Happiness @ Work is a win-win for organizations and employees. Why? Because everyone wants to be happy⁠ – and science shows that a boost in happiness raises productivity by 10 – 25%!

Why Choose Happiness @ Work?

  • Build teamwork
  • Improve meetings
  • Boost employee happiness
  • Learn the science of happiness
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Brainstorm solutions to common problems in the workplace

Add Choose Happiness @ Work to your toolbox and start fostering more happiness, productivity, and engagement within your organization!

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Many employees roll their eyes when you bring up “team-building exercises,” which makes it incredibly challenging for leaders to get their teams engaged. However, conflict is inevitable in every organization, and leaders need a way to address the elephant(s) in the room without creating additional stress or drama.

Choose Happiness @ Work provides a fun, non-threatening way to start a dialogue around happiness and productivity at work by creating discussions around real-world problems your team faces on a regular basis.

Everyone is aligned on the desire to be happier at work – regardless of their position or status in the group.

Choose Happiness @ Work teaches scientifically-proven tactics to help people take control of their mindset and choose happiness in their daily lives.

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How does the game work?

It’s similar to Cards Against Humanity, except our cards are for humanity – similar rules, but the topics are centered around work-related problems and scenarios.

  • It takes less than 5 minutes to introduce and explain the game. Then each round takes about 5 minutes.
  • Players take turns being the Executive, who picks a common workplace problem.
  • Everyone else at the table offers a solution card face up and provides an explanation.
  • The Executive awards points for both the best solution and the most creative or funniest.

It’s a fun, easy way to have open and honest discussions that solve real problems your organization is facing right now.

What’s on the cards?

Choose Happiness @ Work features over 50 common workplace scenarios and over 100 science-based solutions. Each scenario identifies a common workplace situation, followed by a brief scientific justification for why it is a problem. Each solution falls within one of four categories and also includes a science-backed explanation of its purpose.

The solution categories are:

Practice Positivity:
Practice Positivity cards present research-based strategies for changing your mindset and attitude, resulting in increased happiness and engagement for you and your colleagues.

Subdue Stress:
Subdue Stress cards deliver advice for reframing stress, preventing stress, and effectively coping with stress. The best part is that players can implement these tips immediately.

Flow to Goals:
Flow to Goals cards provide tools for creating clear and meaningful goals, as well as strategies for getting into the hyper-productive zone called ‘flow.’

Revitalize Relationships:
Revitalize relationships cards teach immediately-applicable techniques for putting people first and building quality relationships at work that foster greater happiness for all.

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A Leader’s Secret Weapon

You understand and value the power of positive psychology – the problem is breaking through other people’s skepticism and getting them on board.

Choose Happiness @ Work has already done the heavy lifting for you by compiling decades of data-backed, real-world-tested, scientific research around the topics of happiness and productivity in the workplace.

All you have to do is create an environment for your team to participate in a fun card game – then let the conversation flow as the game unfolds.

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How many people can play?

The game can be played by any number of people as long as you have enough copies to spread the cards around. We recommend 4-10 players per copy of the game (6-8 is ideal). However, you can play with up to 20 people per copy by playing in pairs. We’ve played with rooms of hundreds of people at once using many copies of Choose Happiness @ Work. We also offer bulk discounts – please see below.

Each copy of Choose Happiness @ Work includes:

  • 100+ unique science-based solutions
  • 50+ common problematic scenarios
  • 7 Category cards
  • Access to online resources and a database of scientific sources
  • Instructions for standard play
  • 19 additional ways to play
  • 7 facilitation strategies and a facilitator’s guide

Bulk discounts are available and will be automatically applied at checkout:

  • 3 or more copies = 10% discount
  • 10 or more copies = 15% discount
  • 20 or more copies = 20% discount

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