Every Tuesday Should Be Giving Tuesday!

It’s Better to Give Than Receive We often hear “It’s better to give than receive”. Science backs this up; giving is win/win! For example, one study is titled Spending on Others Promotes Happiness. The abstract concludes “Finally, participants who were randomly assigned to spend money on others experienced greater happiness than those assigned to spend money read more…

3 Ways to Befriend Your Fear

Boo! Is fear working for you, against you, or both? Today is Halloween in much of the western world. The holiday is a reminder that sometimes we enjoy ‘negative’ emotions such as fear. Sometimes, in fact, we pay good money to be scared, whether by a horror movie, haunted house, or dark video game. Can Fear read more…

[Video] Happiness Leads To Success


Most of us think that success is will lead to happiness. We work hard to be successful so that we can be happy because of that success. However, science says this might not be the case.

Apply Science to Boost Productivity at Work, part two


In part one of this Productivity Series, I provided you an overview of how you can apply science to boost productivity at work by minimizing multitasking. This second installment, will feature the concept of “flow” and how you achieve more flow by diminishing distractions when you need to focus the most.

3 Ways to Flow to Your Goals


If you ‘flow’ to your goals, you will do better work and enjoy it more. In this article, I’ll share several ways you can “Flow to goals”.

4 Ways to Practice Positivity at Work


Yes, you’ve heard about positive attitude before. So why would we include attitude in our online course and workshop called The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work? Because you hear a lot about happiness, and some of what you hear (money, fame, good looks) actually makes very little difference in happiness for most of us. The data suggests that positive attitude really does boost well-being. Discover 4 ways you can start practicing positivity at work, and in your life.

Can You Synthesize Happiness?

The short answer is, yes we can. One way we create, or synthesize, our own happiness is through our view on life’s events, more than on the events themselves: the same thing can happen to two people and they can feel very differently about it. Harvard Professor Daniel Gilbert uses the term “synthetic happiness” to read more…