Can We Truly Be Happy at Work? Science Says Yes.

by Ayla Lewis

If you are like so many people today, you may be pursuing happiness backwards: thinking that once you achieve your goals you’ll finally be happy, but science suggests that happiness is an essential first step to your success.

“We spend nearly 40% of our time at work. We should be happier, and we can be.” – Scott Crabtree, Founder, Happy Brain Science

At Happy Brain Science we are often asked, “Why be happier at work?” and the simple answer is that, according to peer-reviewed research, happier people are more successful and make more money, they have more satisfying relationships, and they tend to live longer.

Scott and I discuss this, as well as other findings (and misconceptions) about happiness, on the Hatch Innovation Lab Podcast:

Hear from two leaders who have made it their mission to make you happy. When these experts say happiness, they mean deep and sustained well-being. New research on happiness is comforting. Learn what you can do to bring your “prime brain real estate online” and improve your life in ways that will make you a more satisfied person. This is not based on opinion, but backed by science.” – Amy Pearl, Podcast Host & Executive Director, Hatch Innovation Lab

Within the interview, we share research behind:

  • How and why happiness — “subjective well being“ — could change your life.
  • Why happiness has to happen first, before success and achievement can occur.
  • The single most effective thing you can do to boost happiness.

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Ayla Lewis

As Director of Operations at Happy Brain Science, Ayla thrives most when helping individuals and organizations to maximize their success through the application of positive psychology and neuroscience.

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