How Ruby Receptionists Became Such a Happy Place to Work

by Scott Crabtree

I’m delighted to introduce a great guest blogger to you today. Jill Nelson is the founder and CEO of Ruby Receptionists. Ruby is the #1 best small company to work for in the U.S! I sat down with Jill and asked her how she’s built a wonderful place for people to work. Enjoy the video of our discussion after this blog from Jill:

Happy Brain Science and my company, Ruby Receptionists, both understand that happiness is great for businesses. A happy staff is more innovative, more productive, better at sales, and takes fewer sick days. In short, happiness can make companies more successful.

At Ruby, “Fostering Happiness” is one of our five core values, and we’ve definitely seen the positive effects: Not only are we the #1 best small company to work for in the U.S., according to Fortune Magazine, but we’ve also won the prestigious Lighthouse Award as a fastest growing company in Oregon for five consecutive years.

We were grateful for the opportunity to share our story and a few ways we incorporate happiness at work with the founder of Happy Brain Science, Scott Crabtree:

What unique ways do you foster happiness at your business? We’d love to hear from you!