Watching yourself–and your mind–without judgment

your mind

Watching yourself on video can be a very strange experience. You are rarely watching yourself. Depending on your personality and self-esteem, you may immediately cringe, or be very proud of yourself. I recently managed to get a few short videos of me presenting up on YouTube, including this one. I find it quite difficult to read more…

The “Presenter’s Paradox”: Don’t Cheapen Your Gift, Under the Tree or At the Office

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In a series of studies published by Kimberlee Weaver of Virginia Tech and Stephen M. Garcia & Norbert Schwarz from the University of Michigan, they describe the “presenter’s paradox”. In the eyes of most presenters more is better, whether presenting information or gifts.  The paradox is that in the eyes of most recipients, a less valuable read more…

VentureBeat article: Shiny, happy company: Why happiness is the new metric for startup success

Published in VentureBeat The seal of the high school I attended contained two Latin mottos: Non Sibi and Finis Origine Pendet. Despite seeing those words everywhere, I paid little attention to them. I later learned they mean “Not for one’s self” and “The end is determined by the beginning”, respectively. Years of studying neuroscience and psychology read more…

Positive Power Up: Leading for Happiness!


I wrote the following article for the September issue of the International Game Developers Association newsletter. While it draws on my background as a game designer and developer, I strongly believe the points about positive leadership can apply to any organization. I’d love to get your comments and feedback on it.