[Video] Ways To Savor More At Work

by Scott Crabtree

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One way to boost happiness and therefore effectiveness at work is to do more savoring. In a separate video, I talked about savoring good news from colleagues. But there’s lots of things you could savor at work. Let’s start with the food you’re eating. I hope you get to eat every day at work. If you do, too often too many of us are sitting at our desk and mindlessly shoving food in our mouth, not even tasting it while we go through work. I know you’re busy. Believe me, I hear everywhere I go how busy people are. But science says we perform better when we get a real break. And science says we also perform better when our mood is up. So why not combine the two? Take a break to eat lunch and really savor the food your eating. Mmm. Delicious. Savoring boosts happiness.

If savoring your lunch isn’t our style, lots of other things you can savor at work. From the computer monitor you have to a colleague you get to work with, or the mission of the organization you work in. Lots of things you can savor at work and beyond. Those who choose to savor boost their happiness, therefore brain function, therefore impact and results and success.


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