Why I Decided to Invest in the Benefits of Collaboration

by Scott Crabtree

Can collaboration help you make progress while also boosting your mood? Absolutely!

Join us behind the scenes as Scott Crabtree, founder of Happy Brain Science, develops Choose Happiness @ Work Onlinethe online version of our popular card game! We’ve received many requests for a version to play with remote teams, and Scott is working to make that a reality! What challenges will he face? What obstacles will he overcome? And most importantly: how will he apply the science of happiness and engagement along the way? Welcome to the journey, where we’ll all find out together!

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Episode #4: Choose collaboration

How can working with others help you make great progress and have more fun in the process?

I’m so glad you asked! If you tuned into my last post in this series, you heard about me finally getting some help in programming the online version of Choose Happiness @ Work.

I found some great helpa great guy named Saazad from Bangladeshso we got together and did what’s called “pair programming.” I shared my screen with Sazaad; he watched me, commented, sent me code through chat. We worked together to write some code. We made tremendous progresstwo heads are better than one.

But also it was energizing, engaging, and happiness-boosting to do it.

The secret sauce

Why? Well, science summarized in this game tells us how:

Collaboration and delegation are great ways to build relationships and happiness at the same time.

"Collaboration and Delegation" solution card from Choose Happiness @ Work game

Mentoring is a wonderful way to learn and growand Sazzad is essentially serving as my mentor for the multiplayer part of this work.

"Mentoring" solution card from Choose Happiness @ Work game

And finally, it’s just more fun to do something with a friendand Sazzad and I are hopefully becoming friends as we spend some quality time together making progress on the video game project together.

"With a Friend" solution card from Choose Happiness @ Work game

It’s worth the extra effort to connect

So…during the pandemic, it’s hard to connect. I know a bunch of us are sick of Zoom and other virtual platforms.

But if you can connect with someone and collaborate with themmentor someone, or get mentoredor simply hang out with a friend while you do your work together, you might find, as I did, you’re making better progress, and you’re in a better mood doing it.

Thanks for tuning in, everyone.

How has choosing collaboration helped you make meaningful progress while having more fun in the process? As always, I’d love to read your thoughts and stories. Thanks for commenting below, connecting through any of our social media channels, or contacting me here.
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