[Video] Is Attitude Contagious?

Attitude, mood, and even behaviors are contagious at work. We are strongly influenced by each other. When you are around your colleagues, you’re influenced by their attitude and behavior.

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3 Ways to Befriend Your Fear

Boo! Is fear working for you, against you, or both? Today is Halloween in much of the western world. The holiday is a reminder that sometimes we enjoy ‘negative’ emotions such as fear. Sometimes, in fact, we pay good money to be scared, whether by a horror movie, haunted house, or dark video game. Can Fear read more…

[Video] Happiness Leads To Success


Most of us think that success is will lead to happiness. We work hard to be successful so that we can be happy because of that success. However, science says this might not be the case.

Apply Science to Boost Productivity at Work, part two


In part one of this Productivity Series, I provided you an overview of how you can apply science to boost productivity at work by minimizing multitasking. This second installment, will feature the concept of “flow” and how you achieve more flow by diminishing distractions when you need to focus the most.

Negativity Bias

negativity bias

Negativity bias is a term that scientists use to describe the fact that we give more weight to negative or threatening things than we do to positive or happy things. We are wired to pay attention to the negative, and give more emphasis and focus on the negative.

Minimizing Micromanagement to Become a Better Leader


A leader creates clear, compelling goals with reports, and then facilitates the team’s progress without dictating how their tasks should be done; a micro-manager plans and controls all the project details and the progress of his or her team. Here are some tips on how you can transform into a leader from being a micro-manager, and how I now lead (rather than micro-manage) at Happy Brain Science: