The Science of Happiness Walking: Gross National Happiness USA visits Happy Brain Science

Gross National Happiness USA walker Paula Francis, center, with two walk interviewees in northern California.

This Wednesday’s blog is actually from a guest author: the president of Gross National Happiness USA (GNHUSA),  Ginny Sassaman,. GNHUSA strives to make happiness our new bottom line in America. They work to increase personal happiness and our collective wellbeing by changing how we measure progress and success. At Happy Brain Science we are delighted to read more…

[Video] How to Nurture a Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset means that you are focused on learning and growth throughout your life, as opposed to a fixed mindset, where you think more about proving your innate capabilities to others.

Happy Brain Science is hiring a Happiness Coordinator!

We are hiring! I’m delighted to announce that we are hiring a full time (or almost full time) Happiness Coordinator to work in our Portland, Oregon office. Some information is below, but for all the details and to apply, please visit (Please do not contact us via other means; you will hurt, not help your chances read more…

[Video] How to Deal with a Negative Coworker

Negative Coworker

How to deal with a very negative coworker is one of the most common questions we get in workshops, and it’s one of the toughest questions to answer because people are complex.

3 Ways to Choose Misery at Work

Woman experiencing unhappiness.

3 ways to make yourself unhappy at work. We accidentally choose unhappiness because we don’t know any better. This article aims to help you know better.