Can you play your way to higher pay?

by Scott Crabtree

I believe you can play your way to a happy, thriving team, which results in boosted performance, creativity, resilience, success, and even pay. Science is clear that games engage us, and make great business educational tools. I realized I could better fulfill my mission–to help people apply science to thrive at work–if I developed a tool that could help people even when I wasn’t there in person. For all those reasons, I’ve spent much of the past three years developing Choose Happiness @ Work, my ‘serious’ card game that helps organizations play their way to higher pay.

Choose Happiness @ Work is more than a game; it’s a business tool that can solve morale, motivation, and teamwork problems so your team can thrive. It’s a fun way to learn about the science of happiness and each other while you play. It gets your team talking, laughing, and solving real-world workplace problems. By playing you’ll learn science-based strategies to boost happiness, productivity, and collaboration.

The game includes:

  • Over 50 common problems that show up in the real working world.
  • Over 100 solutions to those problems, grounded in solid science.
  • An instruction booklet with over 20 ways to play and use the cards to facilitate discussion and action.
  • Online resources including:
    • A full database of scientific sources you can use to learn more about the science behind every solution in the game.
    • Even more ways to play and more ways to use the cards.
    • Videos introducing the science of happiness at work, how to play the game, and more.

We recommend playing with 4-10 people for the ideal experience, but the game includes solitaire modes and can be played by 20 people or more at once. With group facilitation kits, you can use multiple copies to play with 100’s of people at a time. Play sessions can last anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour.

We even give you the ability to fully customize the game for your organization, by creating your own problems and solutions to add to the decks.

This game has been played by over 1,000 people so far, at organizations including Boeing, government organizations, start-ups, non-profits, and video game companies. Facilitators and happiness experts have used it with their groups as well. All of them have helped improve the game over the years with their feedback; thank you all!

If you are interested in buying the game, please use the coupon code ‘Surprise40’ to get a 40% discount. We would be so honored and delighted if you would help us in our mission to spread science to help people thrive at work by ordering a copy of Choose Happiness @ Work. Thanks!