Launching products, penalty kicks, hope, and fear


First, I want to be direct: I am thrilled to announce that TODAY (March 16, 2016) Happy Brain Science is launching Choose Happiness @ Work, our card game that teaches the science of thriving. Please watch the video below of people playing the game and talking about it.

Why Games? Why are games great for learning?

“Why games? Why are games a good way to teach something?” I asked to kickoff the breakout session after my keynote at the International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) Leadership Summit. I was honestly blown away at the amazing answers: “All games teach.” “Because play is how we naturally learn, it’s how we’ve always learned throughout human history, read more…

Meet Will: Leader of the PIGS

Enter Will Lewis, the Lead Community Organizer for the Portland Indie Game Squad (PIGSquad) and a co-director in Pixel Arts Game Education, reaching and teaching to so many game-interested minds in the Portland area. I’ve been working with Scott on his game-in-progress, codename: “Choose Happiness,” for the past few months, providing coaching and feedback on read more…

The Get-To-Work-Happy Game

Bicycle commuter by Milton Correa on Flickr

What if we could game our way to happiness at work? Recently I have become more and more fascinated with that question and started working on a happiness game. It seems like the natural thing to do when you have been living and breathing video game design for years. Stay tuned for more on the read more…