Leading for Happiness & Building Strong Teams: New Coaching Groups!

by Scott Crabtree

Wouldn’t it be great to lead a happy, strong, thriving team at work?

I know how hard it is for a team to thrive at work. I’ve led teams for 30 years, and I’ve dealt with communication problems, draining workloads, excess stress, and disengaged employees–problems you may be wrestling with right now.

These problems can leave us feeling sad, frustrated, and exhausted. We aren’t bringing our best brains to work, and neither are those we lead.

But the good news is that scientific studies provide techniques to enhance happiness at work and build stronger, more engaged, and more effective teams.

Earlier this year I had the honor of guiding 10 professional leaders through the science of Leading for Happiness. The group and the results were amazing. Today I’m thrilled to announce two new groups that will help you boost creativity, productivity, resilience, and success!

By joining a group, you’ll transform your leadership and empower your team. You will increase happiness and engagement, so you and your team can do your best work ever, and enjoy it even more.

A rare opportunity that only lasts until December 12th, 2018

Until December 12th, you have a chance to join these exclusive coaching groups that will start in January 2019:

  • Leading for Happiness: a group focused on leading for your own happiness at work, and the happiness of your colleagues. This group uses our e-course Thrive from 9-5: The Science of Happiness at Work to deliver actionable techniques for boosting morale and results on the job.
  • Building Strong Teams: focused on helping you and your team play to your strengths each day. This group features the Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment and content from our workshop Truly Tapping Your Strengths–and Those of Your Team, to help you identify and leverage what you and your colleagues do best.

I’m offering a 25% discount for non-profits, educational institutions, and governmental agencies.

Leslie Weldon“I was able to learn from–and feel supported by–fellow leaders from a variety of organizations. I recommend a Happy Brain Science coaching group to anyone who wants to master their ability to lead happy, engaged employees.”Leslie Weldon, VP. Read what others are saying here.

If either coaching group sounds like a good fit for you, take 5 minutes and apply by the deadline of Wednesday, December 12th, 2018.

Want to learn more? Read on:

Is this for me?

If you are a smart, forward-thinking professional who leads others, these coaching groups are for you. You might be officially managing people, or you might be someone that others look to for guidance (most leaders are unofficial). No previous experience with coaching or prior knowledge of the topics is needed to participate in the groups.

What are the goals?

You will bring your own goal(s) for our time together. The unifying theme for one group is Leading for Happiness; if your goal is to boost morale for yourself and/or those you lead, this is the group for you. The theme for the other group is Building Strong Teams; if your goal is to do more of what you do best each day–and help your team do the same– join this group. That said, your goals could be as varied as:

  • Dealing with unhappy employees
  • Improving energy and performance at work
  • Helping employees deal with change
  • Improving negative culture in your organization
  • Finding your own joy at work
  • Boosting employee engagement

Each group will be limited to a maximum of 12 leaders. When you apply, you’ll tell me about your Open new doors by joining a coaching groupleadership role and goals, so I can select participants who will form the most cohesive, helpful groups possible. I am not expecting everyone to have exactly the same goal, be the same kind of leader, or start at the same place. I expect participants from non-profits, educational institutions, and large corporations, for example. Diversity is helpful.

You don’t need to have your goal figured out before joining the group; we will work on creating and clarifying goals as needed.

Who’s facilitating these groups?

The groups will be facilitated by me, Scott Crabtree. I’ve been a professional coach for over 5 years. Through coaching, speaking, and consulting, I’ve helped hundreds of clients, including repeat organizations such as DreamWorks, Boeing, Intel, HP, Kaiser Permanente, NBC, and Nike to thrive at work. I’d be honored and delighted to serve as your guide to the science of thriving, too.

When and how will we meet?

We will meet over Zoom video conferencing. (It’s easy, dependable, and you can call into the meeting if you prefer.) Sessions will be every other Wednesday, either mid-morning or early afternoon Pacific time. We will meet at least nine times as a group. For both groups, meetings will start January 23rd, 2019 and end on May 15th, 2019.

  • Leading for Happiness will meet for 2 hours per session (with a short break in the middle).
  • Building Strong Teams will meet for 1 hour per session.

What is the structure of the group?

Each session has a structure similar to this:

  • First, a moment of science-based mindfulness to center ourselves for a great meeting. (Not too “woo woo!”)
  • Next, a round of quick updates from each member: important, relevant highs and lows you care to briefly share and/or questions you have.
  • After that, a section of teaching and/or discussion about the day’s theme.
  • Usually, a “deep dive” on a particular group member’s issue or goal. Through facilitated conversation, members ask each other questions, provide support, and guide each other toward success.
  • We wrap up with “homework” and any final questions and/or comments.

What’s included in these groups? Any additional perks?

In addition to the sessions, if you join either group you’ll also receive the following:

  • 10 access codes to our e-course Thrive from 9-5: The Science of Being Happy and Productive at Work for yourself and those you lead (a $790 value).
  • 1 copy of our card game learning tool Choose Happiness @ Work (a $248 value).
  • Access to a private Facebook and/or LinkedIn group where we continue to support each other, encourage each other, and hold each other accountable.
  • The opportunity for 1:1 coaching sessions with me, for an additional fee, discounted 25% from my regular coaching rate.

Building Strong Teams participants will also receive one access code for the Strengthsfinder 2.0 assessment. (If you’ve already taken Strengthsfinder, you could have someone you lead take the assessment.)

How much does each group cost?

  • Your investment in Leading for Happiness is $2,700 now 20% off: $2,160!
  • Your investment in Building Strong Teams is $1,700 now 20% off; $1,360!

I offer an additional 25% discount if you work for a non-profit, including educational institutions or government agencies. 

Science suggests that a boost in happiness raises productivity 10%-25%. Data from Gallup indicates that teams that play to their strengths are more engaged and productive. Joining one of these groups is an investment in your success! Are you ready to choose thriving at work?

How will we measure success? Is there any guarantee?

We will measure your starting point using an assessment grounded in research. You’ll have the option to use the same assessment with those you lead. We will measure again at the end of the group to ensure you have moved the needle.

In the highly unlikely event you put in the work but don’t get results, you’ll be entitled to a 100% refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Please join us in mastering happiness and engagement at work; take 5 minutes to apply now.

Will there be “homework” between meetings?

You will leave every session with “homework.”

  • For the Leading for Happiness group, the “homework” before each group meeting will typically be to watch a video chapter of the e-course.
  • For the Building Strong Teams group, the homework will typically be to read or watch information about strengths, or to practice identifying strengths in ourselves and others and putting those strengths into action.

The homework typically will take about 20 minutes to complete. Participants can, of course, choose to commit to additional action between sessions. Holding each other accountable is one way members help each other.

You will ultimately create a detailed action plan to build helpful habits during our time together and sustain momentum after we wrap up.

What do previous coaching clients say?

You are welcome to read testimonials from my coaching clients here.

What if I have other questions?

Please email Scott@HappyBrainScience.com and tell me what questions you have. I’ll be happy to answer by email or schedule a time to chat.

How long do I have to decide?

I’m accepting applications only until midnight (Pacific time) Wednesday, December 12th, 2018. Take 5 minutes and apply now! I’ll contact you by December 19th, 2018 to let you know your status and discuss next steps.

How do I apply?

Simply click the button below. Thanks for applying to join us in Leading for Happiness or Building Strong Teams

Scott Crabtree

As the Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Brain Science, Scott Crabtree empowers individuals and organizations to apply findings from cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology to boost productivity and happiness at work.

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